These are some of the frequently asked questions by wholesalers, buyers and citizens of the city.

Where in Tirupur are you located?

The wholesale market is located in the heart of the city in Uthukuli Road, Tiruppur.

How many shops are available in this wholesale market?

There are around 500 shops available in the building space.

Do you provide value added services to the tenant wholesalers?

Yes, we provide one centralized website to all the wholesalers in our  knitwear wholesale building.

Is retail sales allowed?

Retail sales is not allowed. This offer is only for wholesalers.

Are these shops only for finished Knitwear goods?

No, this is for raw materials and finished product wholesalers.

What is the size of each shop?

The size of the shop varies from 160- 500 sq.ft approximately.

Are the services free of cost?

Services like storage and transport of goods are chargeable.

Do we have to pay maintenance excluding rent?

Yes, maintenance is chargeable according to sq.ft basis excluding rent.

What is available in the food court?

Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian and Beverages are available in the food court.

Is there an ATM close-by?

There are ATM kiosks within the mall campus and provision for more ATM machines.

Are there any restrictions to the number of shops that one person can rent?

No, there are no restrictions for the number of shops that one person can rent.

How many floors are there in total in the entire building?

There is a G+3 floor and 2 basement levels for car park.